Poonam Pandey reveals attempting su*cide several times due to domestic abuse from husband Sam Bombay

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Published by Simnan on 07 Mar 2022

Reality show Lock Upp contestant Poonam Pandey recently talked about her troubled relationship with her husband Sam Bombay and stunned everyone with her exposure. She confesses that her husband would beat her up like a dog and used to lock her in the room.

The model actress disclosed some deepest darkest secrets of her life in the show and surprised everyone. Poonam confessed that she has been in a troubled relationship for the last four years. She even expressed that her husband would beat her up like a dog and used to lock her in the room.

Poonam said that in this jail, food and sleep is themselves a luxury for her in her four years of relationship she couldn’t sleep properly or eat. She was staved for days and that’s what she crave for vada pav, she used to get beaten up as was locked in her bedroom. She also mentioned that her phone was broken as she was not able to make any calls. She tried to kill herself multiple times. “Kutte ki tarah maarta hai na, kutte ki tarah,” Poonam stated.

She further disclosed explaining that the pictures of her bruised face went viral on social media and netizens trolled her brutally for getting beaten up. Poonam further said at one point she started feeling very weak. “Mera bahut mazak udaaya gaya, bahut bada mazak..”Poonam recalled.

Her hospital pictures went viral, people started commenting that she deserves what is happening to her right now. She went through mental and physical abuse at her home itself. She considers herself very lucky that she is still alive and has emotional well-being and most importantly she is proud of the fact that she is out of it and sitting among other contestants.

Lock Upp contestants got sentimental as Poonam shared her story and called herself brave for coming out of the trauma that she has faced.

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