Prachi Desai opens up about being “replaced” for not being “hot enough”

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Published by Ishani Yadav on 19 Apr 2021

Prachi Desai shared her Untold Story about her struggles, battling rejections, sexism, and the casting couch, with Bollywood Bubble.

She spoke to Bollywood Bubble “In the film business, people want you to be what only a certain man wants you to be. You are always looked at from a male gaze. and I was always to like, ‘you are not hot enough. you need to be hot. You are too young too cute. I think you need to do a sexy shoot. all you need to do a sexy song’. And I did not understand that. I was like,’ but for who should I do these sexy shoots for who should I do these sexy songs.’ don’t you see what I am doing in my films? that I can act.”

Adding furthermore in her statement, she said: “they mostly mention hero in the poster of the movie, why they don’t ask a female actor to be stared in the poster too, at least give them credit like heroes,” talking about the time when she was replaced in a movie. She says her filmmaker confronted her like ” you know in the next six days we were supposed to start shooting for you. and we have been told that ‘you are not okay doing a certain song or a certain scene we had to replace you’, now we are looking to make the role far sexier or raunchier.”

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