Priyanka Chopra on appearances and body image: “I won’t lie that I don’t get affected by it”

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Published by Diya Khetrapal on 13 May 2021

Priyanka Chopra has talked about how intense criticism of her appearance affects her and how she struggles with body image issues. The actress, who was awarded Miss World in 2000, says she has learned to recognize her body as it is.

Priyanka Chopra is now 38 years old and has a range of Hollywood projects in the works. The actress has mentioned that she no longer has the body she had a few decades before, but that this is a normal part of life for everybody. She said in an interview with Yahoo Life, “Well, I won’t lie that I don’t get affected by it. My body has changed as I’ve gotten older, just as everyone’s body does, and I’ve had to adapt mentally as well with like, OK, this is what it looks like now, this is what I look like now, it’s alright, and catering to my now body and not my 10- or 20-years-ago body.”

She added, “I think that that’s very crucial and I feel like that really takes finding a sense of confidence in what you bring to the table outside of what you look like. I always think about, how am I contributing? What is my purpose? Am I doing good with the tasks that I’ve been given for the day? I try to be myopic about feeling good about other things, even on days that I don’t feel the best about my body, and I work toward whatever makes me happy at that time.” Priyanka also admitted that she is aware of her self-assurance and capacity to please people had no connection with her body.

Priyanka Chopra is reportedly based in London, where she has been since late last year. She worked with Sam Heughan on the film Text For You, marketed her novel Unfinished, and is now focusing on her Amazon Prime series Citadel.

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