Priyanka Chopra takes a royal jab at husband Nick Jonas’s acting career after dropping the Jonas surname

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Published by Jayanti Poddar on 24 Nov 2021

Priyanka Chopra’s followers were in a frenzy after she removed Jonas from her surname on her social media accounts. This fuelled rumours that she and her husband, Nick Jonas, were divorcing. Madhu Chopra, on the other hand, was eager to debunk the rumours before they could spread like wildfire. In their recently released Netflix show The Jonas Brothers Family Roast, Priyanka was seen making a royal jab at Nick Jonas’ acting career.

The inaugural episode of the roast show, hosted by Kenan Thompson, included Kevin, Joe, and Nick, as well as their partners Danielle Jonas, Sophie Turner, and Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka approached the stage and blasted her husband Nick like she’d never done before. Priyanka went on to criticise Nick’s acting profession, saying that they are always teaching each other something new. While Nick taught her how to use TikTok, she claims she taught him “what a successful acting career looks like.”

Nick and I are ten years apart in age. He doesn’t understand a lot of 90s pop culture allusions, so I have to explain them to him. For example, he showed me how to use Tik Tok apo. You know, and I told him “What a successful acting career looks like” she explained.

Nick couldn’t help but cover his face with his hands as his brothers and the audience laughed heartily. She then attacked the Jonas brothers, claiming that the three of them combined do not have the number of Instagram followers that she does.

Priyanka addressed the backlash she faced after her wedding to Nick in 2018, saying that some had started labelling it a publicity stunt. “People have questioned our marriage since we were married. People said, “Oh, it’s just a publicity stunt” . I mean, how could it be? I had no idea Nick was so well-known. All I knew about him was that he was Kevin Jonas’ younger brother, she remarked, adding, Unless, of course, Chris Hemsworth turned single overnight.

She then dropped the last bombshell by stating that she and Nick are the only pair without a child. “We’re the only couple who hasn’t had kids yet,” Priyanka remarked, making it look like a pregnancy announcement. That is why I am pleased to share this news with you. I’m sorry, baby. Nick exhaled a sigh of relief as she said, “Nick and I are expecting…to get drunk tonight and sleep in tomorrow.”

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