Priyanka Chopra’s ‘big diet mantra’ for weight loss is super easy and you can follow it too

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Published by Ishan Soni on 05 Dec 2019

Desi young lady Priyanka Chopra, 37, is a worldwide sensation. Be it India or the West, there isn’t one individual who isn’t astonished by her acting aptitudes and her unbelievably dazzling hourglass figure. In any event, with regards to wellness, she has attempted to exceed expectations in all that she does – who can overlook her thorough preparing for her job in Mary Kom.

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She is focused on working out, plays out her very own tricks yet that doesn’t mean she settles on her eating regimen! She may have moved away yet her heart is as yet connected to desi nourishment. In an ongoing meeting, the on-screen character gave a wicked good of her regular eating routine arrangement and on the off chance that you ask us, it may very well be the simplest supper intend to trim down.

In the event that weight loss bests your goals for the coming year, we recommend you take some simple tips from PeeCee! Here is an example diet intend to get in shape simple like the previous lovely lady.

PC’s big diet mantra

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Healthy, nutritious nourishment is a piece of sound living and Priyanka totally bolsters this! A major foodie, Priyanka said that she adores eating and can’t help control her desires, particularly around the celebration time. She additionally included that her life rotates around nourishment and as opposed to keeping away from dinners totally, she has discovered more brilliant approaches to manage it. Truth be told, she didn’t avoid discussing her weight issues!

“I eat discussing lunch, lunch discussing supper. Particularly around Diwali and Christmas, I generally put on weight. January, February and March it requires some investment to shed those additional kilos and return to my mid-year body,” she said.

Priyanka additionally worried on the significance of hydration and included that she generally conveys a major container of water with her, constantly. She additionally said that she is attempting to eliminate caffeine, conceding that it is in fact hard!


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While Priyanka isn’t a morning individual, the on-screen character tries beginning her mornings on a solid note. She loves snatching a decent mug of espresso as a pre-exercise drink and later, for breakfast, she has something like an omelette, avocado toast. In the event that Indian nourishment is at the forefront of her thoughts, idli, dosa or poha top the rundown. At the point when’s she at home in India, she wants to devour parathas!


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An honest to goodness desi young lady, Priyanka shares that she adores having desi nourishment for lunch when she is home. “I am eating Nachni rotis (ragi rotis) nowadays. They are solid and taste great too. Since I am going all-veggie lover nowadays, I love bhindi, dal, aloo gobi. I generally need curd, achar (pickles) and servings of mixed greens are significant. I eat cook fish, veggies, new plates of mixed greens.” On different days, when she has a jam-pressed calendar or a shoot, a grain or vegetable serving of mixed greens makes her go, something which her own gourmet expert gets ready for her consistently.


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Much the same as Kareena Kapoor Khan, makhanas (foxnuts) are Priyanka’s go-to snacks. At the point when she can, her preferred cheat feast is eating a chaat!


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Priyanka keeps more calorie thick suppers for the main portion of the day and wants to have an exhausting supper, similar to a soup, or on certain days, she even has remained from lunch!

Exercise Secret Facts

Eat well and consume those calories as well! That is the main mantra on the entertainer’s brain. Priyanka turns out toward the beginning of the day under a fitness coach and does a blend of cardio and weight preparing works out. She likewise prefers to try different things with her system, adding that she jumps at the chance to jump rope every once in a while! “I love it, which I used to do in school and during Mary Kom, I learnt it truly well. It is anything but difficult to convey in your pack too.”

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