Meet India’s First Female Racer Alisha Abdullah Talking About Her Success Mantra

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Published by Isha Kataria on 28 Dec 2018

Being a sportsperson is not that easy. They have to face a lot of challenges and obstacles to achieve great heights. We all know that the most successful sportspersons who are known to us follow a strict schedule which involves staying physically and mentally fit.

Racing is a famous sport all across the world. The sport has huge popularity among the youth and with a lot of racing fans. Well in India, very few people know about MotoGP racers like Valentino Rossi, Daniel Pedrosa, Jorge Lore, Zo, and Marc Marquez but these are known all over the world. And it is very rare that few women racers are known to the world and particularly in India.

Alisha Abdullah, India’s first female racing champion has created a benchmark in the history of the racetrack. She continues to be the most famous racer among all men and women racers in the country.

When Alisha was nine years old she sat behind the wheel. In her childhood days, she was working hard and burned the midnight oil to realize her dreams. Later in 2009, when she turned 20 years old she was the second runner-up in JK Tyre National SuperBike Racing Championship. She was the only female among 15 men where she beat 12 men to cross 190 miles.

Now she is 29, an owns her academy where she trains women who want to have a career in racing. In a conversation, she told about her lesson this year and how things have changed after she won the grand title.

When she was asked about her biggest takeaway from this year, she said that she has learned how to ignore people criticizing her and other irrelevant remarks. She also thanked all these people because she was motivated to perform even better.

She quoted, “I have worked hard 24*7 to buy my own bike racing and car racing team. Today, I am a proud owner of 20 race cars and bikes.” She clearly defines her lesson by telling that whenever you get hit never take it to your heart instead take it and work harder.

She always knew it already that racing is an expensive sport. She has invested a lot of money in cars and bikes, she said, “I have a big concert coming up next year where I will be hunting pan India for both boys and girls, basically searching for talent.”

Alisha is a true inspiration as she never fails to follow her routine workout. She trains for one and a half hours and then trains other members at her racing academy. She is being a racer as well as an inspiration to all of us.

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