Rahul Dravid’s “Indira Nagar ka gunda hu mai” BTS with Tanmay Bhatt goes viral

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Published by Chinmay Kulkarni on 25 Apr 2021

Former cricketer and Indian under 19 team coach Rahul Dravid was seen in an advertisement for CRED where he was seen in his angry shade, a shot from the commercial went viral in which Rahul angrily says ” Indira Nagar ka gunda hu mai”. Tanmay Bhat one of the writers of the commercial who is also a YouTubers have released behind the scenes of the shoot in his vlog on his YouTube channel.

Rahul Dravid, known as ‘ The wall ‘ was shooting for a commercial for CRED in Mumbai. We know him as a calm and humble person, and that’s where the writers made his personality look opposite in the advertisement, because of this the video was all over the memes in no time, netizens enjoyed watching this angry epitome of Rahul Dravid.

Stand-up comedian/YouTuber Tanmay Bhat was seen shooting and interacting with the crew members and the actors on set. He was seen cracking jokes with Rahul to which Rahul humbly responded. In one of the shots where Rahul is seen sitting in a car talking to the car beside Tanmay asked him that should he put on the car AC as Rahul was sweating a lot to which Rahul’s answer was “It is wasteful to switch it (car) on just for AC.”.

These clips of conversation between Tanmay and Rahul were in between the shots, Tanmay also talked to Rahul about his batting grip style and he actually explained to him the difference between his and Sachin’s ways of batting, Tanmay said “It is impossible for you to hold a bat and not play a shot no?” replying Rahul said “Impossible for me. I always check my grip. Especially now I coach right, so I tend to check the grip and fiddle with it.”

By end of the day, the entire crew was overwhelmed by Rahul’s humble nature. This video had received more than 8 lakh views in merely 18 hours, with reference to the ad one you could find many hilarious comments in the comment section.


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