Raj Kundra controversy: Zoya Rathore spoke up that she ‘never spoke to Raj Kundra’ and refused to give nude audition to Umesh Kamat for Hotshots

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Published by Swathy S on 31 Jul 2021

Actress Zoya Rathore who spoke up about adult film business is getting trolled and facing backlash for opening up against the industry that she has worked for. She defended herself by saying “I call those people dumb. I came out to say why we did what we did. We had no option and were told by the makers that if we don’t do it, someone else would be ready to take that job up. I maintain that I would not want to do what is illegal and there was no clarity on what is bold and what is porn”.

She further mentioned that producers approached them giving examples of Radhika Apte and others who has done scenes with partial nudity which shows on big platforms like Netflix. She said that they are getting lakhs for those scenes while ‘we don’t get money and are getting penalised from all sides’. Zoya got Rs 20,000 per day as payment for her role in erotic films.

Zoya spoke about how her personnel life got affected when a producer used raw clip of intimate scenes from the movie, putting them out as an MMS and got labelled as a porn star.

Zoya talked about the offer which was more bolder than she has done in the past and Yash Thakur was the producer. She said “It was being produced by Yash Thakur, who apparently lives in Singapore and is not accessible to anyone. But he is the one who has made maximum bold content”.

Zoya also opened up about the offer she got from the company, Hothit where Umesh Kamat called from his office and told that he was managing Hotshots. She was asked to give nude audition on a video call but she refused to do it. She added, “I have never spoken to Raj Kundra but Umesh Kamat was in touch with me trying to convince me to work with Hotshot just two days before he got arrested. But there was another man named Roy who called me from Singapore and said that he wanted a nude audition. He had dropped HotShot’s name too”.

Zoya also spoke about how men are also as exploited in the industry and ‘how they motivate them to perform real sex’.

Zoya, who is happy about the censorship guidelines, told “My payment has reduced to half of what I got paid but I am happy to work in this new environment and I am much relaxed now. I am happy that humein ab bikini se aage kuch nahi utarna padta hai (I am glad that we don’t have to undress beyond a bikini now)”.

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