Rajat Bedi breaks silence on the accident for which had FIR against him

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Published by Dishi Ajmera on 19 Sep 2021

The actor Rajat Bedi had meet with the accident and that has changed his life upside down. On September 6, back the actor had meet with an accident and had hit a drunk person with his actor. Immediately the actor rushed towards the hospital but it was too late as the victim was brutally injured but could not survive.

The actor had a conversation with Hindustan Times and revealed his side of the story. The actor spoke that he tried his level best to save his life but failed to do it. The accident has shaken his life and he feels devastated. He has helped the victim’s family in very way possible.

He mentioned that he took the expenses of the hospital, gave his wife a stable job, took care of his daughters and will continue to do so as he has opened FD’s for future security. The actor also mentioned that he took care of the funeral as well. Koi Mil Gaya actor also revealed the time when he took the victim to the hospital, the situation was not good but he arranged blood for the victim at 3 am in the morning and was praying that things will fall in place.

The incident has shaken if and he is feeling guilty as even though it was not his fault, it feels like it has happened because of him. He also made it a point to highlight that the lady had left the victim 6 years back . Even his brother and sister had left him as he was an alcoholic. The brother and wife were arguing on who will get the money and that scene was not pleasing.

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