Rakhi Sawant claims boyfriend Adil Khan is her ‘true love’, gifted her a house in Dubai

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Published by Bhavya Shah on 27 May 2022

Rakhi Sawant has seldom been in the limelight without being trolled or poked fun at. However, this time, she decided to talk about her current boyfriend, Adil Khan Durrani, as to how he truly loves her.

Recently, Rakhi flew to Dubai with Adil, as was his plan to make her meet his family members, according to Rakhi. She also stated that Adil has been gracious enough to buy a house in her name in the city. His love is true. He is a loyalist. He is very serious about me, else which guy introduces his love so early to his family?” Rakhi said in a recent interview that she gave with Adil.

Unfortunately, she added, Adil’s family members aren’t overly fond of their relationship. Rakhi, yet, is very hopeful that they will get married as she has full faith in his aunt, who, according to Rakhi, will talk about it to his parents.

When asked about Rakhi, Adil said that Rakhi has told him everything about herself, including her unofficial marriage to fellow Bigg Boss contestant Ritesh, who she broke up with, soon after she learnt about him already being a married man. “Earlier I didn’t know about it, but now I know. I haven’t even seen her Main Hoon Naa yet, neither Bigg Boss,” he said. Adil was asked if there was anything he wanted to change in Rakhi and he replied, “Nothing much, it is just that I feel she should wear dresses which are less glamorous and more covered.”

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