Rakhi Sawant’s marriage to Ritesh was an escape route from a Gujarat don

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Published by Chinmay Kulkarni on 16 May 2021

Rakhi Sawant, the Indian dancer-actor has somehow always managed to be in the news and gossips of B-town. Rakhi recently revealed truth about her marriage with Ritesh in an interview with E-times. Rakhi has been married to Ritesh, a businessman in the UK. However this mysterious man has never been seen or spotted with Rakhi. The actor decided to talk about Ritesh.

Rakhi Sawant now says that she has been married to Ritesh just to get rid of a Gujarat Don. Rakhi said that a man from Gujarat was forcing her to marry him. Rakhi mentioned that this chapter started when she went on a date with him in Goa. Rakhi said she came across a video on internet where this man was seen beating a person in his own farmhouse. The actor was so terrified with this that she decided not to see him again.


Rakhi Sawant claimed that the man threatened to kidnap her if she won’t marry him. Rakhi said she was finding ways to lose this man from her tail, praying hard to find a solution. Her prayers worked as out of nowhere Ritesh called her, they both got married. Ritesh is a nice man and has promised to find a ‘good guy’ for her, Rakhi Sawant mentioned.

Rakhi Sawant has been spotted at a grocery store in Mumbai wearing a PPE kit few days back. She looked terrified due to increasing number of COVID-19 patients and the spread of virus. Rakhi appealed to her fans to be safe and use all precautionary measures while going out. Rakhi has even announced her Hollywood debut on her Instagram account.

Rakhi Sawant makes her Hollywood “debut” on Instagram

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