Rakhi Sawant reveals that she still feels attracted towards Abhinav Shukla, says “he was such a nice person”

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Published by Ishani Yadav on 17 May 2021

Actress Rakhi Sawant is known for her witty style, she was seen entertaining the audience fiercely in Bigg Boss 14’s house. Rakhi Sawant was the contestant in Bigg Boss 14, who made the show’s entertainment in the show, which was well-liked by the celebs along with the audience. Inside the house, Rakhi Sawant turned to Abhinav Shukla and lavished love on her.

She also said on national television that she has frozen her eggs and will ask Abhinav Shukla to become a donor for her. Recently she admitted that she is still attracted to Abhinav even after the show. In an interview with Siddharth Kannan, she said, “Main toh sirf entertain kar rahi thi aur haan, unke husband ke saath main jhootha affair chala rahi thi. But kahin-kahin pe, main jhooth nahi bolungi, he was such a nice person, ki thoda sa ek attachment insaan ko ho jaata hai. Jaanwar ke saath ho jaata hai toh woh toh ek jeeta-jaagta insaan hai (I started a fake affair with Rubina’s husband for entertainment. But I won’t lie, somewhere I got a little attached because he was such a nice person. One gets attached even to animals and this was a human being).”

She said, “He was a nice person, apne biwi ka bohot care karta tha. Har cheez mein perfect tha (he cared for his wife a lot. He was perfect in every way).”

She has done so much controversy on the show like fighting with Jasmin Bhasin and having a nose implant. Also the controversial topic about her is if she is really married or not with someone called Ritesh.

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