Ram Gopal Verma plays an Advance April fools Prank on fans.

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 29 Mar 2019

March is one of the hardest months of all and it is a relief when we are done with all the office work and deadlines. April is the most awaited month. From April all the festivities start and April 1st is the most fun day of all. It is considered as April Fool’s day. The day is filled with pranks and laughter but for Ram Gopal Verma the day came a little bit earlier this year.

The director played a prank on superstar Pawan Kalyan. He recently took on social media and tweeted, “I am contesting against @PawanKalyan in Bhimavaram ..Await DETAILS”

Ram Gopal Verma soon took the internet again and declared this as an April Fool’s Pranks saying, “This is just an advance April Fool Joke ..I hope no one was stupid enough to believe it”

Pawan hasn’t replied to this prank yet, but we are looking forward to his reply on this one. The actor just announced his electoral debut. According to a report TOI, it is revealed that  “The state will have a single phase polling on April 11 for the 175-member assembly and 25 Lok Sabha seats.”

Pawan Kalyan has been in politics for five years now and the chief of Jana Sena just made his electoral debut. But it seems like his fans are not happy. Thought it is a piece of happy news for the actor and the fans but the actor was scheduled to visit Kavali. But he canceled the tour to Kavali and now the fans who love him and was waiting to see him are not happy. The worst part is the actor canceled the last minute and not in advance which broke the hearts of the fans even more.

We wish the actor the very best for the elections. Though the fans are angry that doesn’t change the fact that they love him and support him. Also, we hope he replies to the prank really quickly now. We and the fans are waiting to see what he has to say about this.

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