Ram Gopal Verma reacts to theatres rejecting his lesbian centered film Khatra

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Published by Aakash Khuman on 25 May 2022

The filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is well-known for his outspokenness on many social media platforms. He never holds back from expressing his opinions, regardless of whether they are about Bollywood, politics, or any other kind of societal problem. The previous month, RGV discussed how numerous theatres had declined to show his lesbian film titled “Khatra” since it deals with lesbians, which he feels is still looked down upon. The filmmaker was honest enough to say that he had feelings of helplessness and disappointment at the time.

Ram Gopal Varma took to his Twitter profile to provide an explanation for the reasons why the number of cinema chains has declined to show Khatra. He stated, “anything related to sex still remains taboo, and especially something like this or a subject which people typically look down upon or don’t want to talk about.” He also added, “Especially something like this or a subject which people usually look down upon or don’t want to talk about.” Even today, despite the fact that the Supreme Court struck down Section 377 about 4.5 years ago, I don’t believe people are eager to speak about it. I have only sometimes overheard individuals talking about it in public. “Everyone’s antenna simply goes up when you force it to be put out in the public,” the Rangeela director stated in a separate statement.

The director continued by saying that, with regard to his films, they needed to locate a compromise in order to avoid having the themes of the films forced on the posters and other associated materials. He showed his displeasure by saying that it was still happening today.

In the meantime, Ram Gopal Varma also spoke not too long ago, in which he discussed Mahesh Babu’s controversial comments that he had made about Bollywood. In response to it, RGV said that his “context is not understood.” [Clarification please] He also criticized the South hero by saying that “Bollywood” is not a company but a name given by the media. He asked Mahesh Babu how he could generalize about something that is not a brand.

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