Ranjeet jokes how Bollywood’s change in dresses affected his career

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Published by Rashi Tiwari on 26 Sep 2021

Veteran actor Ranjeet who was also termed the “rape expert” in his films, thought Ranjit Claimed that he made sure that all of his female co-stars felt safe with him. According to Hindustan Times, Ranjeet talked about how he became known in Bollywood as a “rapist” in the 1970s and what he believes were the reasons for his career’s decline.

Ranjeet told a leading newspaper that he would sign films without knowing much about the plot or story. “No one listened to the story before signing a film back then; even the main characters were just given a line. Actors like me assumed that if a director approached them, it was for a part that he was qualified for. I’ve never tampered with anyone’s scripts because I didn’t think it was necessary. Playing a villain was not an issue for me. Of course, there were societal consequences at first. My family was furious at first, but they ultimately realised it was my job. He explained, “Ranjeet never planned his career; He just moulded himself into whatever came his way.”

Despite the fact that he had played a rapist in so many films, Ranjeet said that his co-stars felt safe asking their directors to bring him in for molestation scenes. “I went out of my way to make my heroines feel at ease, to the point that they would tell the filmmaker to call me even if I wasn’t in the movie and there was a rape scene. They began to refer to me as the rape expert. It wasn’t obscene back then; there was a predetermined format—hero, heroine, comedian, villain, sister, mother.

He added that It wasn’t like that anymore; there were no romantic scenes. Why don’t they simply make a blue film? He continued, “I usually joke that fashion killed my job; women started wearing such short clothing that there was nothing left to pull.”

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