Ranveer-Arjun Kapoor’s Gushy Comments over Anushka Sharma’s Bossy Avatar

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Published by Neetu Panwar on 21 Oct 2019

Anushka Sharma, the beautiful actress in Bollywood recently made her appearance at the Vogue Women of the Year Awards that took place on Saturday. Ranveer Singh also attended the event and nailed his appearance as usual. We have spotted the Pari actress donning a check jumpsuit teamed with a matching blazer giving a pinstriped suit impression. Anushka Sharma was spotted in a glamorous hue at the awards ceremony.

Besides her outfits, the actress enhanced her appearance with high-heel boots and a peculiar ear accessory. Several people have noticed her ear accessory that became the highlight of Anushka Sharma. After the awards event, the actress posted a series of pictures of herself on her official Instagram account. All her fans and followers have started admiring the actress after witnessing her beauty and charm in the photos.

Soon, Ranveer took his official Instagram account to add a comment on her picture that reads, ‘Love it.’ The actress shared one of her pictures and captioned it as ‘Suited Aur Booted.’ Ranveer reacted to the picture and commented as ‘Sooper.’ Apart from her Band Baaja Bhaarat co-star, Arjun Kapoor also took his Instagram account to comment on her picture. 

He noticed the ear accessory of the actress donned at the awards event and tried to taunt her with an interesting song. He commented by writing, ‘Sona Kitna Sona Hai’. It’s a popular song from the film Hero No 1 featuring Govinda and Karisma Kapoor. During the award ceremony, Anushka frankly rebuked Ranveer Singh for taking the responsibilities of the host even if it wasn’t necessary. On the stage, we spotted Ranveer in a black suit and hat. 

He spoke about success and the way people get it in their life accordingly on the stage. Immediately, he got off stage with the mic holding in his hand and went to Anushka. He asked her, ‘Let us ask the very beautiful and talented Anushka Sharma what does success mean to you?’ Without any hesitation, Anushka replied, ‘Ranveer you’re not the host!’ Ranveer then ran back to the stage by expressing his regret for something that he has done.

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