When Ranveer Was Asked About Why He Seems So Lost, His Epic Reply Was Cute But Made Go LOL

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Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are enjoying their togetherness after their wedding. And we all know that Ranveer never leaves a chance to impress his ladylove and fans. He expresses his emotions and thoughts about how much he is in love with Deepika. Well, for now, the actor is busy with the promotions of his upcoming movie Simmba. And Deepika is really much excited for his hubby’s upcoming Simmba which is going to release on this Friday.

Talking about the trailer of the movie, Deepika said, “When I saw the trailer, I loved it. It’s a Rohit Shetty film and I have had the pleasure of working with him, creating one of my best memorable characters with him. It’s on its way to becoming a blockbuster. Of just success written all over it.”

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Unseen Pic From RamLeela Promotions ❤️ – RANVEER ABOUT DEEPIKA “Marriage is a life-changing experience because I feel there has been a change within There is a feeling of safety, security & love. Recently, when I won Best Actor award at an event,I told Deepika that if I have been able to achieve anything it’s because you have kept me grounded” —- صورة لم ترى من ترويجات رام ليلا ❤️ رانفير عن ديبيكا – "الزواج هو تجربة مغيرة للحياة لأنني أشعر أن هناك تغييراً في الشعور بوجود السلامة والأمن والحب. في الآونة الأخيرة ، عندما حصلت على جائزة أفضل ممثل في أحد الأحداث ، أخبرت ديبيكا أنه إذا تمكنت من تحقيق أي شيء ، فذلك لأنها أبقتني متواضع" – — “ I always knew it was her. We started dating around Aug 2012, & by December 2012, I knew that she was the woman. I was very convinced, so I always approached the relationship that way. I nurtured & cultivated it with the feeling that this is forever.” —- "كنت أعرف دائما أنها هي. بدأنا المواعدة في أغسطس 2012 ، وبحلول ديسمبر 2012 ، كنت أعرف أنها كانت المرأة. كنت مقتنعا جدا ، لذلك كنت دائما اقترب من العلاقة بهذه الطريقة. لقد رعيت وزرعته مع الشعور بأن هذا إلى الأبد ". – — “Let me tell you honestly, two very big things have happened in my life. First, I became an actor and it was a huge thing for me. Second, I married her. And this is what makes me feel like maine life mein kuch kiya hai. Maybe, it’s my good karma or blessings” —— " دعني أخبرك بأمانة ، لقد حدث شيئان كبيران في حياتي. أولاً ، أصبحت ممثلاً وكان شيئًا كبيرًا بالنسبة لي. ثانيا ، تزوجتها. وهذا هو ما يجعلني أشعر بأني فعلت شيئاً بهذه الحياة. ربما ، يا كرما جيدة أو بركات" – — “I know that I have the best life partner in Deepika & I understood early on, that it doesn’t get better than her. I have been proven right by myself, as during those 6 years, I could have met someone, but I didn’t meet anyone like her. I haven’t met anyone like her, ever.” —— "أعلم أن لدي أفضل شريكة حياة في ديبيكا وأنا فهمت في وقت مبكر ، أنه لن أحصل على أفضل من ذلك. لقد أثبتت نفسي بنفسي ، حيث أنه خلال تلك السنوات الست ، كان يمكن أن ألتقي بشخص ما ، لكنني لم أقابل أي شخص مثلها. لم أقابل أي شخص مثلها على الإطلاق ". – — #ranveersingh #deepikapadukone #deepveer @deepikapadukone @ranveersingh

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Interestingly, at the launch of Mera Wala Dance song, Ranveer was asked that he seems to be lost in thoughts. He replied and said, “sorry, main Deepika ke khayalon mein khoya Hua tha.” His reply was cute as well as hilarious at the same moment.

We all know that the couple has been giving us major goals after their wedding. From their wedding pictures to their dance videos, people are loving them a lot.

During an interview, Ranveer said that he feels like a superhero. He quoted, “I feel like I am flying. Marriage is like the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Wow, I feel some kind of magic, some kind of power, I feel invincible, you know in superhero movies, that moment when the suit comes on. I feel like marriage has done that to me. I feel like I’ve grown up now, finally, I am a man. I feel grounded, I feel secure. I’m really loving it. It’s been only 10 or 15 days. It’s so nice. It’s so lovely. I would highly recommend it.”

Published by Isha Kataria on 27 Dec 2018

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