Ranveer Singh Feels that He is Not Getting The Desired Films Offers, Says ‘Ye filmein mere paas kyun nahi ati’

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Published by Isha Kataria on 11 Feb 2019

Ranveer Singh is known for his energetic performances in the Bollywood industry. After enjoying the success of Simmba, the actor is currently had a release of his latest movie Gully Boy. Presently, Ranveer is the most bankable actor in the industry. His movies are a huge hit but still, he is complaining that he isn’t getting good roles.

In a recent conversation, Ranveer quoted, “It’s strange actually, now people maybe have this perception that one is inaccessible so I’d like you to write so that new directors and promising talent start approaching me, like when I see Ayushmann’s scripts and I am like ‘ye filmein mere paas kyun nahi ati’.”

The Gully Boy actor also said that he has always desired to become a versatile actor who can do anything and everything that comes his way. Ranveer said, “I believe acting is subjective, there is no good or bad acting, I may like some performance which you may not, so in that case, I want to be a versatile actor where I can be effective in all the genres. I have consciously endeavored to be one, like in 2013 I did Lootera, so introverted and brooding and then I did an absolute raw and rambunctious peacock in Ram Leela in the very same year.”

Singh further added, “In 2015, it was Dil Dhadakne Do and Bajirao Mastani, and then Khijli and Simmba with the back of that is Gully Boy, I am understanding this because I have been getting all the feedback from social media about it, I know what the talk is going on about me, I know all the aspects now and it’s very heartening to me. I want to be recognized as the most versatile actor.”

Ranveer also told that he knows that people have a lot of hopes from him and therefore he is carrying a huge responsibility on his shoulders. He says, “Now people come with a believe if my name is attached that there will be some quality of work, so I have to rise up to their trust. I understand the responsibility on me and so I am choosing my scripts wisely.”

When the actor was asked if he enthusiastically jumped on Gully Boy offer, Ranveer said, ” I tend to enthusiastically jump at the opportunities”. On a serious note he said, “I wanted to rap but Zoya was not sure, she was like I don’t know if you are going to be good enough, I am not letting you give vocals to my music album, you have to give a test, while she was unsure, I was keen and I did it and rapped Meri Gully Mein and she was like game on. And today it’s heartening to see the music charts on top.”

Furthermore, Ranveer was asked how comfortable he was about essaying this character, he said, ” One has to become comfortable as an actor on revealing that side of yours because it’s a very real and an authentic side. It’s something that you protect from people and that side of you comes out only in front of the people you trust like family, friends, my wife, so initially I wasn’t really comfortable being that emotionally naked in front of the camera, but Zoya has that ability in peeling away the layers and dabbing the real part of me.”

Ranveer added, “I think it’s because of the relationship we have cultivated, she is more than just a filmmaker to me, she is my friend, I have tremendous warmth and affection for her and which is why she has been able to reach that part of me, she takes all my from me, cuts my hair, takes my beard off, there are no costumes, it’s just a very real and authentic version of me. ”

Post Gully Boy the actor is lined up with several projects this year. Soon after Gully Boy, the actor is all.set for 83, which is based on India winning the first Cricket World Cup Match.

Speaking about his excitement, Ranveer said, “I am very excited that I am doing a sports film which I wanted to do since long.”

“I wanted to play the role of an athlete and I am only lucky and blessed to play the living legend. I am fortunate to be a part of perhaps the most extraordinary story of human will and triumph, the story is so potent that you don’t really need to do.”

It’s the most unreal, unbelievable and spectacular underdog story that you will ever get and there is a whole generation that doesn’t know who these guys were and the magnitude of what they achieved and how they did it and I am very honored and privileged to be a part of this film” Ranveer added.

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