Ranveer Singh opens up about his preparation for ’83, training in Dharamshala and more

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Ranveer Singh has sure gone all out with the prep for upcoming film ’83 and well, looks like the actor has had the perfect mix of a learning process and a different experience altogether with the time spent with Kapil Dev.

Recently, the actor revealed that he was living the best days of his life, as he not only got to act in legendary cricketer Kapil’s Dev’s movie but also got the opportunity of staying in the latter’s house for 10 days.  While the actor has been leaving no stone unturned in getting it all right, he is also having a good time through the process.

When asked about his experience of getting to live with the former World Cup winning captain, Ranveer said, “Kapil sir and his family are very warm, kind and generous people. I’ll be ever grateful to them for being so magnanimous in helping me during this unique character study. Their large-heartedness was touching… something I’ll never forget. They’ve blessed me.”

The actor also revealed how the character was daunting at first and to portray a living legend is a responsibility, however, he also added how prepping up for the character has now made him less anxious. When asked about that one thing that is difficult to grasp from Kapil Dev, he said it was his bowling action, which is unique.

Speaking about Ranveer, Kapil Dev added, “Ranveer is a man of incredible talent. He can portray any character with conviction as we’ve seen in the various roles he has played. His ability is profound. With his temperament and boundless energy, his eye for the smallest detail, he’ll easily manage to adapt to all my mannerisms and technique.”

Furthermore, when asked Ranveer’s which habits impressed him the most, Kapil quipped, “His commitment and passion. These two traits in him are what strikes an onlooker at the first go. He will be at something repeatedly and won’t let go till he feels he’s mastered it, despite others telling him it’s acceptable. Just acceptable is not okay. It has to be excellent.”

Published by Amrit Santlani on 25 May 2019

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