Read The Curious Tale Of Twitter’s New Trend Shweta & Her Friend’s GF

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Published by Ricky Tandon on 18 Feb 2021

A video recording of what appears to be a web class has turned viral all over the web where one Shweta was narrating to her friend her talks with her other best male friend. Much to everyone’s delight, Shweta seems to have muted the speaker in place of muting her microphone, thus sharing her friend’s top-secret tales to her whole class.

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Shweta shared in depth how his friend shared all his secrets with her, where he told her that he “makes out with his [email protected]@-addict ladylove whenever they meet” and that they have “tried it several times”.

She narrated how her bestie sometimes turns very possessive about his sweetheart. “He loves that girl like crazy. That girl is just using him and even he knows this. He is so crazy about her.… he is attracted towards her. So he also did ‘it’,” she stated.

She added that her friend revealed that he was also addicted to having fun with the girl and they would ‘enjoy’ every time they met.

Since her speaker appears to have been switched off, the repeated admonitions from other fellow students in the conference like: ”Shweta..your mic is on”, “Shweta….Shweta…don’t worry now 111 people know your secret…” remained unheeded.

Shortly after the audio excerpt got posted on social media, netizens filled the micro blogging site Twitter with the most inventive and funny memes and Shweta has started trending on the microblogging site. Other social media platforms too are filled with memes and posts related to Shweta.

Everyone seems to be making fun of her. Her identity is not known. Also, other details like her city and college are unknown. Well.. even we are surprised at this. The girl must surely be in a great shock to see her story going viral all over. She must have got a lesson from this for life.

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