These Things Are Enough To Make Us Realise That Winter Has Come

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Published by Soniya Kaur on 05 Dec 2018

The winter season is here and our daily routines have been changed with little things. Winters have their own kind of unique things that we desi folks will understand. So let’s take a look at the winter essential…

1. Nutella and peanut butter have our disapproval when we have Gudpatti/Chikki which adults and kids love the most in winter.

2. The smell of naphthalene balls is enough to make us realize that the winter season has arrived.

3. The official dessert of winter is Gajar Ka Halwa which is available in every season nowadays but eating this mouthwatering Halwa in this season is a pure pleasure.

4. Parachute coconut oil has come to rescue for our dry hair and skin.

5. People wearing monkey cap with a shawl can be seen on every street, this season. The legit street fashion style!

6. When the geyser/heating rod needs a repairing, heating water on a stove is all we do at one point.

7. ‘Sardi Se Suraksha’ remember Kareena’s add for Boroplus.

8. Bonfire is the Ram-Baan Ilaaz for winter with family or even on streets.

9. Tea is the reason why we love the winter season more.

10. Granny’s handwoven sweaters are still the best cozy one which we never thought of putting it out of the wardrobe.

11. Officially, the season of ghee and butter which MOMS loves to put extra always and then also her one-liner, you have put on weight!

12. For those who hate to wear sweaters, the cozy handmade Rajaai with an extra ounce of cotton in it comes to rescue us. And eating those peanuts hand in hand is what winters are of Indians!

Well, if you guys have to add something in this list, do comment!

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