The reason behind the different colors of milestone in India is pretty amazing

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Published by Isha Kataria on 23 Nov 2018

Indian milestones have a color code for highways and other roads.  Milestones are a kind of stores that let people know how far our destination is, from a certain point. The color varies for highways like the  National Highway, the State Highway, the streets of the district and the village roads.

So let’s take a look at what milestones speak with their colors…

1.Yellow strip on Milestones

While traveling on the road when you see a milestone having a yellow strip on the upper part, then it indicates that you are traveling on a National Highway. These yellow strips are imposed on India’s National Highways. These are the main highways that provide connectivity to all cities and states in India. North-Soth-East-West Corridors and Golden Quadrilateral are also formed by these highways.

2. Green strip on Milestones

When you watch a green strip landmark on the side of the road, then it indicates that you are on the Stae Highway. India has imposed to indicate a green colored milestone when the roads are constructed or manufactured by the State. The maintenance of such roads is done entirely by the State.

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3. Black, Blue or White strip on Milestones

When you come across with a black, white or blue strip on the roadside then it indicates that you entered a big city or district. As it indicates a big city or district, therefore the maintenance of such roads come under the district. The administration of the city maintains such types of roads.

4. Orange strip on Milestones

The orange strip of milestone or landmark indicates that you have entered a village. This orange strip also shows Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana.

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Milestones on a general basis not only conveys or informs about how many distances we have traveled or remaining to be traveled but also shows what road you are traveling to. In India, these milestones are divided into the various section.

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