Rekha Birthday Special: From Amitabh Bachchan to Akshay Kumar, the tumultuous love life of Rekha

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Published by Amrit Santlani on 09 Oct 2019

Arguably one of the most iconic and legendary actresses of Bollywood, Rekha celebrates her birthday today. The lady turns 65 today, and yet she has no partner and no children, despite marrying twice but to no fruit. Rekha’s love life has been a very complicated one, and today, on the eve of her birthday, we take a sneak peek into her life:

Rekha’s first affair that came in the eye of public was with Jeetendra. He was known for his casual flirting manners with his co-stars, but while Rekha became serious, Jeetendra was already married to Shobha Kapoor. Their relationship died a painful death before it even got underway properly.

Later, Rekha had a short fling with Kiran Kumar. After dating for some time, the duo called it quits. However, soon, she would fall for Kiran’s best friend Vinod Mehra. Rekha was so in love with Vinod, that the two of them got married however, their marriage didn’t last long. Vinod’s mother did not approve of his son’s marriage and Rekha also repeatedly denied having ever married Vinod.

Soon after, came Rekha’s most infamous affair with Amitabh Bachchan. Such was their relationship that it became the most talked-about affair in Bollywood. Time and again, Rekha has made her affection for the ‘Shehenshah’ public, but after numerous films and rumours of their secret marriage began doing the rounds. Jaya Bachchan had Amitabh swear that he won’t ever work again with Rekha, but she wears ‘Sindoor’ even till date, but for whom, it is unknown.

Trying to move on in life, Rekha again got hitched to Delhi based businessman Mukesh Agarwal, however, things weren’t all rosy between them as well. Mukesh was suffering from depression and wanted Rekha to quit Bollywood, the duo separated and this led to Mukesh ending his life due to post-divorce trauma.

After this, people began to call Rekha all sorts of nasty things. She also suffered professionally due to the anger of the audiences. Various actors voiced their opinion of the decline of Rekha.

Years later she was again in the news, this time due to her relationship with Sanjay Dutt. However, both the actors refuted such link-ups and then came another infamous rumour of Rekha’s alleged relationship with Akshay Kumar. Such was their closeness, that Akshay’s alleged girlfriend Raveena had to intervene between them.

The whole incident was in the news for a long time and once again, Rekha was targetted. After a long period of denials and disappointments, Rekha still carries a smile on her face till date, and a ‘Sindoor’ of mystery.

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