Remembering Bal Thackeray On His Birth Anniversary With His Interesting Facts About His Life

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Published by Soniya Kaur on 22 Jan 2019

Bal Keshav Thackeray whose biopic will soon hit the theatres featuring Nawazuddin Siddique and Amrita Rao as his wife Mina Thackeray. He founded the Hindu right-wing Marathi ethnocentric party called Shiv Sena and was followed by many who called him the Hindu Hriday Samraat.

Thackeray was born on January 23, 1926, and left us on November 17, 2012. Today on his birth anniversary, let’s talk about his inspiring life.

1. He was not only a politician but also a cartoonist in the Free Press Journal in Mumbai.

2. It is said that Bal Thackeray’s father spelled his last name as ‘Thakre’. And being a fan of British author, William Makepeace Thackeray he changed it to ‘Thackeray’.

3. He also worked with the renowned artist R K Laxman.

4. He even used his cartoon to showcase a campaign against the growing numbers of the non-Marathi people in Mumbai.

5. Shiv Sena was founded by him in the year 1966 on 19 June to fight for the right of the citizens living in Maharashtra.

6. In the 1970s, the party was also joined by senior leaders such as Marathi Literature Historian, Babasaheb Purandare, Chief Attorney for Trade Union of Maharashtra, Madhav Mehere and Trade Union Chartered Accountant, Madhav Deshpande.

7. Thackeray was banned from giving the vote and contesting in elections for a long span time of 6 years. After the ban lifted in 2005, he voted for the first time in the 2007 BMC elections.

8. Popular Hollywood star, Michael Jackson visited Bal Thackeray and autographed his toilet seat which Jackson used during the visit, as reported. The ex-Shiv Sena chief gifted him a silver tabla and Tanpura.

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9. Bal Thackeray was reportedly criticized by Salman Rushdie in his book The Moor’s Last Sigh. He was portrayed as Raman Fieldin and there was his cartoon too. The book was banned in Maharashtra to avoid any form of violence and protest.

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