Revealed: Priyanka Chopra’s chef reveals the one thing she eats everyday in lunch and you should too

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Published by Amrit Santlani on 31 Aug 2019

We all keep wondering what special do these actresses have for their meals that they stay this fit. Today, we talk about Priyanka Chopra Jonas who has made a mark globally in the last few years. We all envy her perfectly toned body. So, what does Priyanka Chopra eat? Does she has something special? Well, yes! She has a special ‘Priyanka Salad’ that is prepared by her personal chef.

For her lunch, Priyanka Chopra has a bowl of salad and a grain bowl. In an interview with a news portal, the chef revealed, “Priyanka has a salad every day for lunch and a grain bowl every single day. She usually has a chicken salad,” she said. What is this salad made of? The chef shared, ‘”Priyanka’s favorite salad: Kale, nuts, fruit, fennel, carrot, and chicken. Yes, that is it”.

But why Chicken Salad you may ask. Well here are some reasons why you should switch to having salad to get a toned body:

For all those who don’t know, chicken is packed with proteins. When mixed with other healthy ingredients like spinach, peppers, cucumber, tomatoes and beans, this bowl of salad gives your body the required amount of nutrients.

  • Chicken is very filling so it keeps you full for longer. This prevents you from eating unhealthy food in between meals.
  • Having chicken doesn’t mean you are having fat. It is a healthy way of losing weight.

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  • Chicken is loaded with protein, calcium and phosphorous. It provides your bones the much-required calcium. Regular consumption prevents the risk of bone pain and other problems.
  • Chicken helps in boosting your immunity. It prevents you from common infections and diseases.

So, all of us wish for a toned figure like these Bollywood divas. Bollywood actresses follow a strict workout and diet routine that helps the, stay this fit.

If you can’t work out for hours in the gym like them, you can at least try their diet plan. Priyanka’s chicken salad is not something we can’t have. It has all your regular ingredients. They are all healthy and if they can help you lose weight, what more can we wish for!

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