Richa Chadha calls out media for unfair behavior towards female actors – Details Inside

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Published by Amrit Santlani on 24 Sep 2019

Richa Chadha is a well-renowned actress who never minces her words. She takes acting as seriously as it gets, but Richa also is brutally honest. In a recent interview with the media, the actress has expressed her disappointment with the unfair treatment of media towards female actors.

She spoke at length, how in mainstream and social media, people are overly critical of female stars, a trend that does not apply to male celebs in her opinion. She said, “Mainstream media, as well as social media, tends to be unfair towards female stars, and female stars get trolled and criticised more than their male counterparts.”

Citing examples of various leading actresses, Richa added, “I can say this from my observation of the way media constantly questions Priyanka Chopra, Swara Bhaskar, Sonam Kapoor and other female stars for their choices – whether it is fashion, political opinion or lifestyle. Do they question the male stars enough as well?”

The actress who starred as an advocate in the recently released film Section 375, further lashed out, “How many times has the media questioned male actors on films that are ‘jingoistic’ and encourage ‘warmongering’? During the press conference of my film Section 375, I was asked about my opinion on the flood-affected areas. Do they ask these questions to the real people who actually can bring change – I mean the authorities and politicians?”

Richa further said that she has now made peace with her critics. She revealed that earlier on in her career, the media used to call her ‘ugly’ despite her playing roles that did not need glamourisation.

She added, “An article was written on me, titled ’10 things that one hates about Richa Chadha’ by a publication. If a journalist tries to belittle me, I would rather grow a thick skin, instead of taking the negativity to my heart.”

Richa is all set to make her debut as an author while she was last seen opposite Akshaye Khanna is Section 375.

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