Robin Stine Earns A Whopping Amount Yearly Just By Giving Cuddles

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Published by Isha Kataria on 14 Jan 2019

Cuddling has shown up to boost up a person’s mental, physical and spiritual health. A person who is a cuddliest is someone who offers therapeutic and cuddles session with a certified professional cuddler. And nowadays cuddling is one of the most demanded activities across the world.

Presently, cuddling is known as the therapeutic and nonsexual touch therapy which has increased in demand. Cuddling is an awesome way to de-stress and create intimacy. Several people have been trying to cope up with day-to-day stress and are fairly alone. They prefer a cuddliest to reduce their stress.

Robin Stine is a professional cuddler and hugger makes huge bucks. Robin offers everything from non-sexual spooning, arm tickling and deep embraces to her clients. In a year she makes about 40,000 dollars which are approximately Rs 28 lakh. She charges 80 dollars which is exactly Rs 5630 for an hour. With such a whopping amount, she has some very strict rules and regulations before she starts any session.

The person whom she is interacting have to fully clothes in the entire session and relationship is the compulsory rule among the whole. She said, “It’s very rewarding. It causes the body to release oxytocin, the bonding hormone which makes us feel happier and less stressed.” The people who are experiencing this therapy can only understand that consensual hugs help people calm down while connecting to another human in a non-sexual form.

She further adds, “Many people find it difficult to ask for that they want or need in life and seeing a cuddling professional can really help with that.”

Robin Stine is herself is a victim of fibromyalgia. It is a chronic disorder which is being characterized by widespread pain that is often accompanied by fatigue, depression, sleep, cognitive impairment, and digestive and urinary symptoms. She told that her profession has led to a decrease in pain, stress and her sleep cycles have also been improved.

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