Rohit Sharma gets a peck on cheek and a hug by a fan during match, wife Ritika reacts

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 17 Oct 2018

On Sunday (October 14), while the Indian squad registered a triumph win against West Indies in Hyderabad to seal a 2-0 series, few hundred kilometers away, Rohit Sharma helped Mumbai record an easy and comfortable nine-wicket win over Bihar at the Just Cricket Academy Ground in Bengaluru in the Vijay Hazare Trophy 2018-19 quarterfinal.

Bihar needed for a mere 69 runs only and Mumbai finished off the game in 12.3 overs with Rohit scoring an unbeaten 33. A very abnormal funny incident happened during the match that left his wife Ritika Sajdeh and fellow cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal desirous.

The fans seem like he really loves Rohit as he can’t resist his flowing emotion and came to the pitch during the match.

It happened just before the beginning of the 11th over. Mumbai was only 19 runs away from victory without losing a wicket and meanwhile, a fan jumped over the deep-midwicket fence and ran onto the pitch. He went on to touch Rohit’s feet, hugged him as well.

The invader then left the field dancing and jumping his way back amid the crowd cheer. Incidentally, there was no security present at the venue and he watched the match till the end. KSCA official told ESPN Cricinfo that there were supposed to be five police officials at the venue, but not a single officer noticed the man and so the incident went unnoticed to them, well this unawareness gave a chance to the invader to meet his dream cricketer.

On this unusual incident, Rohit’s wife shared the newspaper incident on her Instagram account where she tagged Chahal saying, “You and I both have competition.”


And on an immediate response to the tagged image, the spinner comment: “Bhabhi yeah kya ho raha hai, yeah kya ho raha hai (Bhabhi, what is this happening?).”

This incident left both of them hilarious, let me know what are your thoughts on this funny cum amusing happening…?

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