Rohit Sharma gives a perfect and humorous reply to the Pakistani Journalist

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 18 Jun 2019

After his ultimate win over the pitch against Pakistan, India’s Hitman Rohit Sharma went on one step ahead and by rubbing salt on Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed’s injury. The moment came after the match which was played in Manchester where India humiliated Pakistan after its seventh-time win in World Cup.

Addressing the press conference after the match, Rohit Sharma was at his best with his amazing humor. A Pakistani journalist asked Rohit Sharma what advice would he give to the Pakistan team, which is in a major crisis right now. Hitman’s response was really quick and made everyone in the room burst into laughter. “Jab main Pakistan team ka coach banoonga tab jawab doonga (I will answer when I become Pakistan coach),” quoted Rohit.


Pakistan needs to win anyhow the remaining 4 matches to be in the semi-final.

After the defeat, Pakistani’s took on Twitter and expressed their anger against its team with jokes, memes, GIFs, and one-liners.

The moment the rain came and stopped the match at Old Trafford in Manchester on Sunday as it proceeds into final overs, users from Pakistan began bashing their team, although keeping the humor intact — be it Ahmed’s yawning face on the field or Shoaib Malik being dismissed for a duck, the internet is nothing but funny after the match was over.

“Don’t call me a traitor, but look at the Indian players, they look like proper athletes, our players look like they’ve eaten two plates of waris nihari with feeqay ki lassi and benazir kulfa, all at once,” tweeted one user. The tweet immediately went viral and Indian users started retweeting it.

Another tweet read, “Dear India thora hath hola rakhen… Hamary Sarfraz ne ro dena ha abi.”

As the captain, Sarfaraz Ahmed, returned to the pavilion after scoring just 12 runs off of 30 balls, one user tweeted “When I die I want Sarfaraz to lower me into my grave so he can let me down one last time.”

“Aree humari toh team hai, toh hum dekh rahe hai. Apko kitna aur time pass karna hai inn nikammo ko haarta dekh ke,” a user wrote in reply to Indian follower.

Aleena from Lahore tweeted “Na partition hoti na hum zaleel ho rahe hote.”

“Dollar ka rate aur India k runs control karna hamare bas ki baat nahi,” one Twitter user posted from Pakistan.

Knowing well that Pakistan is frantically looking for an economic bailout, one user tweeted: “India to aisay dho rahi hai jesay IMF se qarza nahin in se letay hn hum.”

This is the fun part of the rivalry, we enjoy it and not take it much on our hearts and even if we do, we just make the joke out of it anyway.

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