Rohit Suchanti dedicates a special post to Srishty Rode with happy throwback picture from ‘Big Boss’

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Published by Amrit Santlani on 09 May 2019

Ever since Rohit Suchanti entered the house of Big Boss, he made his feeling evident to Srishty Rode. Being together in Big Boss’ house, rumors began circling about the couple despite Srishty’s efforts to friend zone him again and again. She refused to respond to Rohit because at that time she was in a relationship with tv actor Manish Naggdev.

However, soon after the show got over, Srishty and Manish broke up.  People were blaming Srishty’s closeness with Rohit and other speculations were also made. Nonetheless, Srishty and Manish have parted ways, and ever since, Rohit and her dating rumors have peaked.

Recently, Rohit took to Instagram to share a throwback picture of the two of them together inside the Big Boss’ house. He captioned the post as, “Keep the ones that heard you when you never said a word. The greatest gift of life is friendship and I have received it. #friendshipgoals #wemad BB MEMORIES.”

This post adds further fuel to the fire and speculation of Srishty and Rohit dating each other have since gone rife. This comes after Rohit posted another picture of the duo on Instagram, on April 8, 2019. He captioned it as, “A best friend is someone who makes you laugh, even when you think you’ll never smile again thank you for taking care of me through all the ups and downs in the house. I thank god everyday for blessing me with such a true friend. You are a rockstar never let that smile fade away.”

To this post of his, Srishty had commented, “Kuch toh log kahengey logo ka kaam hai Kehna but thank you for all the kind words bunny friend for life.”

Earlier Rohit had confessed his feelings for Srishty openly in an interview. He said, “I dropped many hints inside the house, but could never muster the courage to tell her directly. I genuinely like her and feel it’s about time I confessed my feelings to her. I don’t know what her reaction will be. When I was inside the house, people pointed out the five-year age gap (he is 22) between us, but that has never deterred me. Love knows no such barriers. Srishty has the prettiest smile and I appreciate the way she handled me inside the house.”

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