Rotating Dubai Skyscraper Will Allow The Guests And Residents To Rotate Their Rooms 360 degrees

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Published by Isha Kataria on 25 Jan 2019

Dubai is going to build the world’s first rotating skyscraper. Yes, the city is building a rotating skyscraper and the dynamic tower will constantly change its shape. And the best part is that the residents will be able to control rotation speeds and stop their apartment from spinning with voice commands.

It is being reported that the building will stand at, 1,375 feet tall. Each of its 80 storeys will be capable of rotating it individually around the core. The architect says each apartment will be able to rotate 360 degrees.

The skyscraper is going to be completely self-powered. It will also feature wind turbines positioned horizontally between each floor and solar panels on the roof. Earlier, it was also reported that up to 79 wind turbines will be fitted to each floor to generate enough energy to fuel the building’s electricity.

The building is surely going to give us a dynamic experience with luxurious accommodation and facilities with the most cutting edge technologies for leisure. It is going to have spacious luxury suites and the benefit of exceptional service.

The apartments are connected to a stationary core which includes the elevator. The individual units will be built off-site and then attached to the core. The 360 rotate facility will make the residents change their view endlessly. This building is going to serve both, as hotel and apartment.

Dubai already has a rotating restaurant but this time it will be the first skyscraper of its kind and we are pretty much excited for its completion.

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