Saif Ali Khan doesn’t advice Kareena on her social media usage, says ‘everyone must be allowed to do what they want’

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Published by Bhavya Shah on 01 Oct 2021

Actor Saif Ali Khan, during a recent interview was asked about whether he’d ever try and ask wife Kareena Kapoor to limit her social media usage. The actor shook his head, saying that it’s a free country and that everyone must be allowed to what they choose to do.

In fact, he says that he never interferes in Kareena’s decisions regarding anything that she does, citing it to be a big turn off to a great married life. “No, no, that’s not the secret to a healthy marriage. You let each other do whatever they want. She’s great on it, she’s a multi-tasker. She’s a woman, so she can do that. You never really feel she’s doing it in the sense that she’s all there,” Saif muses.

He says that its actually him who needs to keep a check on his phone usage, as he tends to overdo it at times. Recollecting an instance, he said that once while he was travelling in the car, he got a headache due to constant phone use in a moving car. “So now, Taimur and Kareena, everyone’s telling me ‘Don’t be on the phone.’ So it’s me actually, without being on social media, I’m addicted to the screen,” states the Bhoot Police actor.

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