Saif Ali Khan answers the fan comments in his quirky style in the new episode of ‘Pinch’

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 14 May 2019

Arbaaz Khan who is an actor, as well as a hit filmmaker, has recently come up with his online chat show Pinch which seems to have become a favorite with among the stars. The upcoming star who will be seen on the show is none other than Saif Ali Khan. The promo of the show has been launched and Saif Ali Khan is seeing answering all the questions with his amazing sense of humor.

In the promo, the Nawab has been asked about his rotten ‘Hukumat’ to which the star replied, “I have never been interested in being a nawab. I prefer eating kebabs.” While asking about his appearance in simple white kurta on Sonam Kapoor’s wedding, he says: “It’s her wedding, not my wedding.” He was asked about how he feels the pressure to reply immediately after he has read something: “I have stopped doing that as some people don’t reply to me. So, then I thought, hey, I don’t have to reply.”

Pinch has already seen some great appearances by one of the biggest names in Bollywood. How this show work is, stars have to read and answer the comments that the readers have written for them. One such comment was about Saif allowing Kareena Kapoor to wear a swimsuit, to which Kareena Kapoor gave an epic reply. She said, “Who is Saif to stop me from wearing a bikini anyway? Because I don’t think my relationship is as such that Saif would ever tell me why are you wearing a bikini or why are you doing such things or what? I don’t think so at all. I think we share a very responsible relationship. He trusts me and when I am wearing a bikini then obviously there’s a reason I am wearing it: I am taking a dip.”

Another celebrity guest on this show who had to answer awkward questions was Karan Johar. He got a comment saying, “Bhai aap paglo wale dress kyu use karte ho? and “Did you have a gender malfunction?” To which, Karan replied, saying, “It says the level of homophobia. That to me is sick.”


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