Saif and Kareena doesn’t want Taimur to get clicked by the paparazzi and media anymore

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Published by Shifa Naz on 27 Oct 2018

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan both have mutually taken a strange yet surprising decision of not exposing their child Taimur to the media every day for clicking and making videos. Yes, that might sound a bit shattering to us but the Nawabi couple doesn’t want their child to be clicked every next day by the media and paparazzi.

Taimur is the most endearing star kid of the B-town or heart of the nation. The little one always giggles at the media giving some of the cutest poses on camera, which adorns everyone. Taimur is being clicked by the media every now and then and is madly followed by the paparazzi. And now the star kid has even started interacting with the media. We always come across with some of his videos saying Abba or uttering Hi and Bye to them with such a lovely smile on his face. We have never seen a cute boy like Taimur ever.

As per the current news, Saif and Kareena don’t want photos of their kid being clicked by media and paparazzi every day, and as per the reports of Filmfare both do not want Taimur to register a pattern of the media following him everywhere, now that he has started recognizing them and understanding.

Saif Ali Khan has humbly requested the media and photographers to not click Taimur or stand outside their house to get a click of his photographs. As their lovey-dovey child is turning 2 this December, they want a normal life of him and don’t want a pop culture around him.

Saif even said to the media, “I want a humble life for Taimur. We did not mind the photos earlier as he was just enjoying the attention as fun, but now since he is growing up we want him to have a normal childhood.”

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