There’s a reason behind Salman Khan staying away from Love Yatri promotions

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Published by Mamatha Reddy on 27 Sep 2018

As we are already aware that superstar Salman Khan is introducing loving sister Arpita Khan’s hubby Aayush Sharma in Bollywood with Loveyatri.  Salman, who is renowned to offer a launch pad to aspiring actors, decided to offer Aayush the required push and assist him set up himself as an actor in Hindi film biz.

But, you would have witnessed that Salman is keeping himself away from the promotions. The main reason is nepotism.

The Bharat star was conscious that his fame would lift up the nepotism query and he wished Aayush’s acting to attract viewers.

“I am staying as far away as possible (from Loveyatri). So much so that I hope my sister (Arpita) doesn’t think that ‘he is not supporting Aayush,’” he added.

He also stated that if it weren’t him, some other person would have introduced Aayush.

“Sohail saw Aayush a lot before in the gym. If not me, somebody else would have launched him. He has been training really hard. I knew ki nepotism aagaya, ab politician ke bete ko kaise nepotism mein dal sakte ho? (I knew nepotism is there, now how would you categorise nepotism in politics?),” he stated.

“Audience hi jaake aapko superstar banayenge (it is the audience who will make you a superstar). No matter whose son you are… Bhai nahi chlate, bete nahi chalte, brother-in-law dur ki baat hai (Brothers don’t work, sons don’t work, making your brother-in-law’s career is a far-off discussion),” he said.

The actor added that even though he got featured in a promotional number for Sooraj Pancholi’s Hero and it remained a big hit among music buffs, it doesn’t entail the viewers will see the movie just for that song.

“The movie has to be good. In the trailer, the urgency should be there. After that, it’s word of mouth. Hamari khud ki picture nahi chali (Our own movies didn’t work). It brings me back to earth,” he clarified.

He added, “It has become competitive. We still are of the old thinking and happy that somebody else’s film has done well. It’s all about hard work.”

Sallu hasn’t completely stopped supporting Ayush. He will be hosting Aayush and Warina Hussain on Bigg Boss 12 during this weekend.

Loveyatri will hit theatres on October 5.

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