When Salman Khan stated, “Katrina Kaif Aur Mere Baddapan Ki Wajah Se John Ko Ek Badi Hit Mili,” John Abraham responded, “Salman Mere Beech Problem Hai Lekin”

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Published by Aakash Khuman on 28 May 2022

Salman Khan’s conflict with John Abraham has been widely reported for some time. It all started when Katrina Kaif claimed that John had withdrawn her from a project they were working on together. But it was Salman Khan’s million-dollar advice that convinced Katrina to do the film, which went on to become a great success.

However, when Salman mentioned in one of the episodes that John got a huge film project because of him and Katrina, the latter responded by stating there’s some conflict between the two that he’s not aware of.

Salman Khan was observed stating during his presence in Aap Ki Adalat alongside Rajat Sharma, “I recall the period when Katrina was the film that was subsequently gone to Tara Sharma.” Katrina was sobbing the entire time, “My entire career is ruined.” That was something I had to deal with for three days. I believe she is going to be one of the biggest stars in our country, so why is she crying? “You’ll be laughing about this in a few years,” I told her. “How can you say that simply because you’re Salman Khan, a famous star, you won’t feel that?” she said. This is my profession; how can someone take me out of a film that I shot? “

Salman Khan said that when Katrina Kaif got another opportunity, she approached him and said John also stars in the same film. However, the Dabangg star informed her that it could be anybody because she was cast in the film due to the script, director, and her solid relationship with the production industry. When Katrina mentioned how John had withdrawn him from the project, Khan encouraged her, “Be magnanimous.” Salman Khan also said that Katrina understood and that she worked with John on that film, which was a success and a hit too.

Salman Khan told Rajat Sharma, “Katrina aur mere dono ke baddapan ki wajha se John Abraham ek bohut badi hit mili.”

Later, on the same show, Aap Ki Adalat, John Abraham was asked to speak on the topic. This is when John tells Rajat Sharma that he and Salman Khan had a conflict, but he doesn’t know what it is. In response, John maintained his position and reminded Rajat Sharma that he was a beginner at the time and lacked the ability to advise directors or producers to remove or change the featured actress.

When asked if he had a huge hit because of Salman and Katrina, he laughed sarcastically and complimented them.

On the professional front, Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan will next be seen together in Tiger 3, which is set to be released on Eid 2023. John Abraham, whose latest film, Attack Part 1, was a box office success, is currently preparing for an OTT release on Zee5.

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