Sameera Reddy reveals how Hrithik Roshan helped her to overcome her stammer and gain confidence

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Published by Amrit Santlani on 22 Aug 2019

Actress Sameera Reddy has revealed that she had a stammering problem, and it was actor Hrithik Roshan who helped her overcome it.

On a chat show, Sameera spoke of her struggles with stammering, adding that Hrithik, who had also faced speech disorder in his life, had helped her deal with the issue.

“Due to my stammering problem, I would hesitate to speak in front of others, and (would hesitate) going for auditions thinking that people would judge me. Hrithik, being the sweet and caring person he is, noticed this, and gave me a book that changed my life. It helped me overcome my fear.

“Gradually, I started noticing changes in my speech. I also went to a speech therapist and started working on my speech,” Sameera said, who recently gave birth to her second child.

Hrithik himself has openly talked about his speech issues in the past. “I’d practise every day to overcome the speech issue, I still do for an hour at least so that I can control the secondary actions like twitching and all.”

He further added, “The unacceptability to stammering was not only bothersome in my childhood but prevailed till 2012, long after I had become a film star.” He also recalled a time when he had to go to Dubai for an award. For his acceptance speech, he had to practice hard to say the word ‘Dubai’ and eventually did deliver it without difficulty.

Sameera and her husband Akshai Varde, who welcomed a daughter last month, have named the newborn Nyra. Announcing the name of her second child, Sameera took to Instagram and wrote: “Welcoming our little lady to the Varde family, baby girl Nyra.”

Along with the post, Sameera shared a few photographs of herself with her son Hans, who can be seen holding a paper on which “Nyra” is written. The Tezz actor married businessman Akshai in 2014. She gave birth to Hans in 2015.

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