Sania Mirza and Veena Malik accidentally got into a bad blooded spat on Twitter; both question each other’s parenting

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Published by Amrit Santlani on 18 Jun 2019

Fans were left stunned as tennis superstar Sania Mirza and Pakistani model Veena Malik got involved in a spat on social media website Twitter recently. The issue developed in a bad-blooded spat which started by an incident which Sania’s husband would have liked to avoid.

While the Pakistani team has been slammed by fans and media alive after their shambolic performance against India at the World Cup, Shoaib came under the scrutiny furthermore due to a video of him and his wife sitting at a restaurant with a group of friends who were smoking hookah, allegedly on the eve of the match against India, has gone viral on social media.

This video was apparently uploaded on the day before the match, June 15, and Sania, who noticed it, put out an angry tweet against the uploader the very same day. The account which tweeted this video has been deactivated. However, after the match, Shoaib has come under the ire of fans, who have since questioned the batsman’s commitment towards the team.

Among the many Pakistanis who responded to the viral video was celebrity Veena Malik. She put out a tweet addressing Mirza and castigated her for taking her infant child to a sheesha bar as well as visiting a place which serves unhealthy food that is not good for her husband.

Sania decided to respond to this provocation and issued her reply on the same platform. The tennis star refutes the allegation of taking her son to a sheesha bar and tells Veena to mind her business. But, Veena wasn’t going to keep quiet either. The two actresses then exchanged digs on each other via a series of tweets, accusing each other about various comments they made in the past.

Those following the alteration witness the whole outburst and well, to be honest, this match was more evenly contested and intense than the India-Pakistan game at Manchester.

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