Sanjana Sanghi Remembers Her ‘Bittersweet’ Memories With Sushant Singh Rajput; Shares Video

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Actress Sanjana Sanghi recalled her ‘bittersweet’ memories with ace actor Sushant Singh Rajput on the sets of their movie, Dil Bechara. She remembered how he always danced to release the strain after hard-hitting scenes.

While posting a video of herself in which she can be seen slow-dancing with Sushant on the lanes, Sanjana wrote, “Remember I said, right when we’d get a breather in the middle of tough scenes, he’d say, ‘Chal, Thoda Dance Karein?’ This is what I meant.”

Sanjana stated that before Sushant’s passing away on June 14, she never understood properly what ‘bittersweet’ memories actually meant. But, when she recalls their time together at this moment, she gets a combination of positive and negative feelings.

“I never understood what people meant by ‘bittersweet’ memories really, until we lost him. I do now. Seeing or reliving any of these memories, is just as bitter and tough, as it is calming and sweet,” she wrote.

Dil Bechara is Sushant’s last movie and Sanjana’s first project as a leading character. She is completely upset by the loss of her first co-star and has been paying emotional respects to the actor on social platform.

On July 14, it has been one month of Sushant’s passing away and Sanjana said that the agony of losing him did not diminish with the passing of time. “Whoever said time helps heal all wounds was lying. Some feel like they’re being ripped open, again and again and blexding: Of moments now will forever remain memories. Of laughs together that were but will never again be. Of questions that will remain unanswered. Of disbelief, that only keeps growing,” she wrote in a note shared on Instagram.

“But these wounds also contain a film, a gift that everyone is yet to see. Wounds that contain dreams, plans, and desires for our country’s children, their education and their future that will be fulfilled, wounds that contain a passion for an endless creative zest for every artist there is, wounds that contain the hope for a world that promises to uphold honesty, integrity, kindness and embraces individuality – rid of all toxicity,” she added.

Dil Bechara also marks the directorial debut of casting director Mukesh Chhabra. It is all set for direct-to-digital release on Disney+ Hotstar on July 24.

Published by Ricky Tandon on 17 Jul 2020

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