Kareena would Probably have a Nervous Breakdown if I was to call her Choti Ma: Sara Ali Khan

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Published by Isha Kataria on 20 Nov 2018

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Sara Ali Khan share a cordial bond with each other. Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh parted their ways in 2004 after a long journey of 13 years.  After a long period of 5 years, the actor tied the knot with Kareen Kapoor Khan. Saif and Amrita’s daughter Sara share a pure and warm equation with her father and her second wife Kareena. Amrita also has moved on in life and shares a friendly equation with Saif Ali Khan.


Recently Sara Ali Khan was seen with his father on the sets of Karan Johar’s Koffee With Karan. Sara told that since her childhood, she is been fond of Kareena. She was asked about her relationship equation with Kareena. Sara openly told that she doesn’t call Kareena Choti Ma or Kareena Aunty. She said,” You know I feel everyone has been clear with me vis-a-vis equations. It’s never been confusing. Kareena herself was saying and she still says that look ‘you have a mother and you have a great mother at that and what I want is for us to be able to be friends’.”

She further said, “My father never said, “This is your second mother or made it anyway uncomfortable.”

Karan laughed about calling Kareena Choti Ma. Even Sara laughed and said, “Never, never, never, never. I think Kareena would probably have a nervous breakdown if I was to call her Choti Ma. And she will be like  What? No.”

Sara further disclosed that initially she was really much confused as to what to call her. She asked her father and he said that she doesn’t need to call her aunty. She can simply call her K or Kareena.

“So, I don’t think there was any way any confusion about what which equation was and you know… I also somewhere down the line it’s very important to respect what people want. And I see my father today and I see my mother today and they are much happier than they would have been together. You know, and therefore everybody around them is happier. And I think what I have now is two comfortable homes as opposed to one uncomfortable home. So I really think that I win.”

Meanwhile, Sara Ali Khan is going to make her debut in Kedarnath. She is being featured with Sushant Singh Rajput. The movie is based on a love story and is going to hit the screens on December 7.

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