Sargun Mehta talks about her emotional state in the initial stage of lockdown

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These long days without any shooting or meeting with people in the outside world has made almost every Bollywood and Television celebrity annoyed. The actors were used-to the habit of being surrounded by people and when they were suddenly locked at their homes, they felt so irritated.

Actress Sargun Mehta felt exactly the same in the initial stage of the lockdown in the country. Recently, the Phulwa star revealed that initially, she used to get irritated with little things. Sargun said that she once got up in the middle of the night and asked her husband Ravi Dubey to take her to her mother. It seems her emotions fluctuated a lot.

Thanking her hubby Ravi, the actress said, “Thank God, Ravi has been more stable amid the pandemic. He dealt with my phases calmly. He used to assure me that everything would be fine soon and that it was absolutely normal to go through such mood swings”.

Sargun also revealed that she learned new forms of dance amid the lockdown. “I love to dance. So, I have tried to keep myself busy learning new forms of dance. I even make videos of myself dancing. Also, I have been cooking and I have realized if anyone has not learned cooking during the lockdown then he/she must be the laziest person on this planet”, said the actress.

Hilariously, Sargun said that now that she has cooked so much, the next time she will go to the restaurant, she would say, ‘Arey isse achcha toh main hi bana leti hoon!’. 

Published by Lokendra Sharma on 08 Jun 2020

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