GOT Season 8: Melisandre Knew Arya Stark Would be the One to do it; GOT Fans in Shock After Episode 3

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Published by Amrit Santlani on 30 Apr 2019

**Major Spoilers Ahead**

Arya Stark has done it. In a weekend where Tony Stark sacrificed himself to kill Thanos, Arya Stark came to the rescue of humanity in Game of Thrones. End of the world? Just call the starks!

The Red Priestess aka Melisandre had a significant insight on how Arya Stark would be the one to end the long night, and she predicted this back in season 3. This revelation has left GOT fans in shock and awe of the planning of the makers of the show. During the third episode of the final season, Melisandre asks a bleeding Arya Stark “What do we tell death?”

With Beric Dondarrion dying in front of her eyes, realizing his sacrifice and the reason why he was brought back from the dead by the lord of light, Arya replies to the Red Priestess, “Not Today” and rushes out of the castle to save his brother Bran and kill the Night King once and for all.

Later in the episode, arguably the biggest revelation in the history of Game of Thrones happened, a baby faced assassin Arya, leaping through the air to kill the Night King but he grabs her by the throat. It seems in this moment, this would be the end of Arya and the house stark entirely, but being the clever witty girl she is, she drops the Valyrian steel dagger and catches it with her other hand and serves the fatal blow to the king of the dead.

This leads to the final death of the antagonist of the show, and with him, his generals and all the dead army die, not to forget the dragon as well.

But Melisandre knew this all along, and maybe Bran too. But how?

Flashback to season 3, Arya and Melisandre come face to face when the Red Priestess says that she sees darkness in the eyes of Stark girl and she’d shut several eyes – brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes – in the days to come. She leaves saying, “we’ll meet again” and they do so in episode 3 of the eight season – “The Long Night” (Battle of Winterfell).

And GOT fans took to social media to share their delight for Arya Stark and Melisandre’s farsightedness too.

Now that the Night King is dead, we all can guess who’s next on Arya’s list.


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