GOT Season 8: Neither Tyrion Nor Jon Snow, Robin Arryn Has More Chances Of Becoming The King, Here’s Why:

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Whenever the conversation is about Game of Thrones, expect the expected. While there has been a lot of debate as to who will sit on the Iron Throne after the war with the undead ends, who will live and who dies? Lots of questions and season 8 will answer them all. However, the biggest question of them all is who will be crowned King of the Westeros?

Well, John Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are the most anticipated picks, among fans, but remember this is Game of Thrones we’re talking, and its makers have left us in shock more than once over the course of the show (Yes I’m to referring Ned Stark’s unexpected killing here, way back in season 1) and thus we have yet another theory over who has the right to be crowned the King of the Andals.

After the end of season 7, we discovered that Jon isn’t a bastard, after all, he has Targaryen blood running in his veins, placing him among the firm favorites for the claim towards the throne. Apart from Danny, Cersei will obviously want to have a Lannister sitting on the throne. As per reports, she may also be pregnant, thus could it be her newborn child who will live to be the king/queen of the seven kingdoms. Not quite.

You see, its highly likely that Cersei may not live until the end of the show, and many fan theories believe she might be killed by Jamie of all people who would then kill himself.

Also, Gendry, the bastard son of Robert Baratheon doesn’t have the support to press his claim. So who might it be? Sansa? Arya? Bran is the three-eyed raven so he won’t be sitting on the throne for sure.

Amid all the popular names, people completely forgot about Robin Arryn, right? According to Screen Rant’s Rose Moore, Robin Arryn the immature son of Jon and Lysa Arryn has quite the claim on the throne. How’s that possible you might think?

The answer to that theory is that Robin Arryn is still Lord of the Vale and since his mother was killed, he becomes an eligible contender for the Throne. Imagine what a big shock that would be!

Published by Amrit Santlani on 08 Apr 2019

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