Seema Khan changed her Instagram account to Sajdeh after her divorce with Sohail Khan

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Published by Aakash Khuman on 20 May 2022

In an exclusive, ETimes revealed that Seema Khan and Sohail Khan had submitted their divorce papers the previous week. And as a result of the separation, Seema has renamed herself on Instagram under a new identity. She was now going by her birth name as well as her official name, which was “Seema Kiran Sajdeh.”

On Friday of the previous week, paparazzi from ETimes saw the couple attending a family court hearing in Bandra. According to information provided to ETimes by a source inside the family court, “Seema Sachdev and Sohail Khan were both presents in the courtroom today.” They have initiated the divorce process. Both parties behaved cordially with one another. Seema had previously given an interview to ETimes in which she discussed her romantic history with Sohail Khan. In the interview, she remarked, “I am single, footloose, and fancy-free.”

Since their marriage in 1998, Sohail and Seema have been blessed with two children: Nirvaan Khan and Yohan Khan. The couple’s decision to marry across religious lines was met with strong opposition from Seema’s family, so they were forced to secretly tie the knot. In the web show titled “The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives,” which aired in 2017, it was reported that Seema and Sohail were seen living separately, and their children were observed shuttling between the two homes that they occupied. Seema had mentioned their connection in an earlier episode of the show, saying things like, “It’s just that when people get older, their relationships tend to drift and go in various ways over time.” I make no apologies for it since it has led to our happiness and the happiness of my children. Even though Sohail and I do not have a traditional marriage, we have become a family. We are a unit. At the end of the day, it is him and me, as well as our children, who are important to us. “

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