‘Seems like Diwali is meant to be for Khan’s,’ remarks Ram Gopal Verma over Aryan Khan’s release

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Published by Vanshika Bisht on 30 Oct 2021

Celebrating Diwali before actual Diwali, Bollywood is seen bursting with happiness as soon as Shah Rukh Khan’s son, Aryan Khan got released on Saturday. Aryan got bail from Mumbai’s High Court on Thursday.

Acknowledging to the release of Aryan Khan, RGV, Ram Gopal Verma, took to his ‘lilliputian-blogging site’, and wrote a fact saying, ‘In Bollywood, Diwali has always been reserved for a Khan’s release. This Diwali also Khan got released.’

His subtle-humourous tweet, was a treat in disguise to the followers, which also gave a reality -check, and left the fans laugh like crazy.
 And as always, internet went berserk with comments rolling in.
Due to the covid 19 premises, theatres were closed, and hence he tried to co-relate the film’s release to the release of Aryan from jail.

Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan received a grand welcome at Mannat after being accused in Mumbai cruise drug bust case. Fans gathered outside SRK’s home – to catch a glimpse of Aryan Khan and SRK. There was a heavy police presence at the spot due to the large crowd.

After completing all the formalities, it was decided that Aryan will be set free on the morning of 30 ocrober, 10 pm. He was released after spending 22 days in jail.

Shah Rukh Khan was seen leaving his home, Mannat, to bring back his son, Aryan Khan.

Aryan khan  was spotted walking out of Arthur Road  jail and was taken in a black car.

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