Shabana Azmi Birthday Special: How Shabana found love in wordsmith Javed Akhtar

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Published by Amrit Santlani on 17 Sep 2019

Shabana Azmi is one of the most unconventional actresses of her time. Even today, she gives powerpacked performances and is well renowned for carving her own niche in Bollywood. The five-time national award-winning actress turns 69 today. On the occasion, we take a look at the love story of Shabana and her lyricist husband Javed Akhtar.

Love blossomed between these two in the late 70s. Javed Akhtar was already married at that time. The love story of Javed and Shabana soon became talk of the town and occupied various gossip columns at that time. Before Javed, Shabana was dating Shekhar Kapur whereas, Javed was married to 10 years younger Honey Irani.

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Interestingly, Javed used to learn the art of writing from Shabana’s father Kaifi Azmi, however, he never thought that Javed would date his daughter Shabana. Honey, upon knowing the news obviously became upset as the couple had two kids together, Farhan and Zoya Akhtar.

As soon as Shabana entered the life of Javed, his marriage turned sour. The lyricist decided to divorce his wife but at the same time, Shabana’s father Kaifi Azmi did not approve of the marriage as he did not want his daughter to marry a married man.

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However, Shabana managed to get approval from her father assuring him that the conflicts between Javed and Honey are not because of her. Finally in 1984, after divorcing Honey Irani, Javed got married to Shabana. They don’t have kids but Shabana still considers Farhan and Zoya as her kids.

In her interviews in the past, Honey had given her opinion on her relationship with Shabana. She said, “I never spoke a word against Shabana or Javed. I didn’t want the children to develop feelings of hate or anger. They’d go over and meet them. Javed would come over. Touchwood! Their relationship never went wrong.”

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She further added about bonding with her by saying, “I have no rapport as such with her. I go to Javed’s house on his birthday. Shabana and I greet each other. It’s cordial. There’s a lot of respect. That’s it. But it’s not as if we are sahelis. Not at all.”

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