Shahid Kapoor joins the trend by wearing ‘dirty’ Gucci sneakers that cost Rs 60,000

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Published by Amrit Santlani on 11 Nov 2019

One of the weirdest trends of 2019 surely has to be the one where celebs are constantly wearing ‘dirty’ or ‘soiled’ sneakers. Earlier, actors such as Arjun Kapoor, and Sidharth Malhotra who shelled out insane money for the sneakers that are purposely made to look worn out. Not only did this trend become quite popular, we now have another actor who has joined the illustrious list.

Shahid Kapoor, well renowned for pulling off the mots cheekiest of looks was recently spotted in a pair of notoriously swanky Gucci sneakers that blew our minds apart. Shahid was recently papped with his wife Mira Rajput in a laid back kinda outfit that would have been perfect for a Sunday brunch.

While he did look amazing as always, what caught our attention the most was the sweatshirt he donned and his sneakers. So we decided to do a little research and the result truly was ming boggling.

Shahid’s sweatshirt belongs to the brand Urban Outfitters and it retails for a price around $69 which is roughly Rs 5000. The sweatshirt certainly looked amazing on Shahid as it had a very unique appeal to it. On the other hand, the pair of sneakers that Shahid donned during his latest outing is what made the outfit stand out.

The sneakers are from Gucci and are called Men’s Rhyton leather sneakers. They retail for about $790, which roughly totals a little below Rs 60,000. For a ‘dirty’ design sneakers they sure might sound very expensive but they are made up of a lot of exotic materials.

Actually, most panels of the body of the sneakers are made up of ivory leather, which has been processed to give the shoe that distressed look. If we somehow look past the price, the shoes surely are a lot appealing and now we know why Shahid invested in them.

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