Shahid Kapoor responds on marrying someone other than Mira is not to be missed

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Published by Shifa Naz on 25 Jan 2019

Shahid Kapoor, one of the handsome hunk of B-town who married to adorable Mira Rajput a few years ago in 2015 always leave us surprised with his confessions and statements. Both of them have shown their bits of life and beautiful moments to their fans through cute pictures and PDA’s and their fans love whatever the power couple shares in public.

Shahid has always been open about his life and the experiences he had, be it in media interviews or celebrity chat shows. And when he appeared on the show, Famously Filmfare, he was at his candid best. On the show, the actor was asked who he would have married if not Mira. To which, Shahid quickly replied, “Somebody older”.

Clarifying the statement further when the interviewer asked if he says this because of the current trend, he laughed and said that he would marry someone older than Mira and not older than him.

The 37-year-old actor was asked on the show if not Mira, who would have he married, then Shahid’s immediate response took us in a state of awe. He replied, ” Somebody older”, but giving clarification to his statement, he said he would marry someone older than Mira but not older than him.

In the same interview, he revealed about his bonding with wife Mira and said, “My wife tells me that I am a little obsessive and protective and that I need to calm down a little bit.”

He asserted further, “I tell her that she is too casual. Having said that, we try and find the middle ground which I think is good for the kids because you need to have both types of parents. If both are too obsessive or both are too careless I don’t think that works, so you need to find that balance,” he added.

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