Shahid Kapoor Reveals The Most Important Person In His Life and It’s Not From His Family

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Published by Isha Kataria on 23 Jan 2019

Shahid Kapoor is the most talented actor in the Bollywood industry. He is more of a family man who is been playing roles fantastically in his personal as well as professional life. The actor broke millions of hearts when he made an official announcement about his wedding in, 2015. Later he was blessed with a baby girl, Misha Kapoor in 2016. And, last year, in September, they welcomed their second child, Zain Kapoor.

Shahid Kapoor has always managed to create a balance between his work and personal space. He manages to make time for his family. In an interview, Shahid Kapoor revealed about the most important person of his life. Well, the name is not from his family member, rather it was his manager, Akanksha.

The four-month-old little boy, Zain Kapoor is being spotted in Mira’s and Ishaan Katter’s Instagram story. In an interview, Shahid Kapoor spoke about Zain for the first time. He quoted, “Zain is a very disciplined baby, sleeps on time, gets up on time. Mira is a very sorted mom. So, no trouble this time.”

He further said, “The first time we had Misha we were very paranoid parents, so a lot of sleepless nights happened. So I think we were a lot more settled this time. Honestly, this time I had no trouble. She [Mira] is very mature otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to deal with all that has happened in her life.”

When he was asked about his wife Mira Rajput deals with the wrath of social media, he said, “First of all, there is a generational gap between Mira and me. We are 13 years apart, so we come from slightly different generations. So the generation I come from isn’t so affected by public opinion. That’s weird because I am an actor but it doesn’t affect me because it is not the end of the world for me. But for her, it was completely new.”

He further added, “She got a lot of attention which she was initially very uncomfortable about. So she has learned to get better at it. Initially used to get thrown off. She used to be like ‘why so many people are saying all this’. I spoke to her and told her that it comes with the territory.”

The couple opened about their married life and disclosed, “You discover yourself. You discover your domesticated side as a man. It is a reality. You can’t get through marriage without being an obedient puppy dog sometimes. It is required. It is part of the job profile. You want to live a happy life, you have to listen to your wife. without a doubt.”

Speaking about what kind of a parent is he, the Kabir Singh actor quoted, “My wife tells me that I am a little obsessive and protective and that I need to calm down a little bit. I tell her that she is too casual. Having said that, we try and find the middle ground which I think is good for the kids because you need to have both types of parents.”

On a professional note, Shahid Kapoor is busy as he is shooting for his upcoming Kabir Singh.

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