“Shahrukh Khan could have been a scientist if he wanted”: Rahul Dev on SRK’s intelligence

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Published by Chinmay Kulkarni on 08 May 2021

In an interview with E-times Rahul Dev was asked about him and Shahrukh Khan studying at the same school in Delhi, Rahul said though he and Shahrukh didn’t have many talks in the school days he knew Sharukh. Rahul said Shahrukh Khan was a really brilliant lad that he could have been anything he likes, he could have been an engineer or doctor or a cricketer and even a scientist. Rahul mentioned that Shahrukh received the highest award the school gives every year for the best student.

Rahul further talking in the interview said that he remembers playing cricket with the Superstar. Rahul was a fast bowler and Shahrukh was the wicket-keeper of the team. Rahul said the situation back then with the school teams was so bad that sometimes they wouldn’t have the equipment to play matches. Sharukh always managed to give his performance best.

Rahul, when moved to Mumbai people, used to ask him he could speak Hindi or not based on his looks he looked none less than a ‘Greek God’, Rahul said that amused him and he pledged to work as a model and actor in the industry. Myths about a model could not be an actor, Rahul decided to prove them wrong, his role in debut movie ‘Champion’ got him several awards and nominations.

Rahul Dev and Mughda Godse are in a long and stable relationship, he said, “Mugdha has got the strength of a man…she has gained so much strength by doing ashtanga yoga,” about Mugdha during the interview.

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